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i_sfinance_2017a_2017-07-24t08:32:27z6 Hearing Summary

Date: 07/24/2017



Setting the Interim Committee's 2017 Meeting Calendar


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10:45 AM -- Setting the Interim Committee's 2017 Meeting Calendar

The committee decided to convene a subcommittee on Wednesday, September 22. Sen Hill asked members to send staff the dates they are available to meet for the remainder of the 2017 interim. The subcommittee to discuss vendor proposals will meet sometime before September 1, and the chairs will make a final decision concerning vendors before the deadline. Sen Hill asked staff from LCS to provide the committee state ranking information related to school finance. Todd Herried promised to update that information and provide it to the committee.

Sen Hill asked if we have this ranking from previous years? Todd Herreid recalled that we have ranked the state compared to other state systems; however, depending on the metric used for comparison, the state rank can change, so there are many qualifiers in listing the states this way, but staff will work to update that information and distribute to the committee members.

Sen Merrifield asked if subcommittees will be public meetings and staff replied that yes, the subcommittee meetings will be public meetings, but may not include the same level of staff support and reporting reserved for the full interim committee. The RFP is reposted; schedule a subcommittee meeting and do all this in time for staff to create a contract for the vendor. Subcommittee would have to meet during the 2nd tp last week of August in order for the subcommittee to meet and vet the proposals. The comnmittee decided that the first subcommittee to discuss vendor proposals will meet on Wednesday, August 23 at 9:00 a.m.. Senator Sonnenberg announced he will not be able to attend this subcommittee meeting.