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House Appropriations

Monday June 08, 2020
9:00 am | Old State Library
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HB20-1017 Substance Use Disorder Treatment In Criminal Justice System Rep. L. Herod, Rep. C. Kennedy, Sen. K. Donovan, Sen. K. Priola
HB20-1053 Supports For Early Childhood Educator Workforce Rep. E. Sirota, Rep. J. Wilson, Sen. T. Story
HB20-1065 Harm Reduction Substance Use Disorders Rep. C. Kennedy, Rep. L. Herod, Sen. B. Pettersen, Sen. K. Priola
HB20-1085 Prevention Of Substance Use Disorders Rep. C. Kennedy, Rep. L. Herod, Sen. F. Winter, Sen. K. Priola
HB20-1200 Sunset Homeowners' Association Information And Resource Center Rep. B. Titone, Rep. M. Weissman, Sen. T. Story
HB20-1213 Sunset Commodity Handler And Farm Products Acts Rep. M. Young, Rep. R. Pelton, Sen. R. Rodriguez, Sen. J. Sonnenberg
HB20-1406 Cash Fund Transfers To The General Fund Rep. J. Arndt
HB20-1410 COVID-19-related Housing Assistance Rep. S. Gonzales-Gutierrez, Rep. T. Exum, Sen. J. Gonzales, Sen. R. Zenzinger
HB20-1411 COVID-19 Funds Allocation For Behavioral Health Rep. D. Michaelson Jenet, Rep. T. Kraft-Tharp, Sen. B. Pettersen
HB20-1412 COVID-19 Utility Bill Payment-related Assistance Rep. C. Kennedy, Rep. L. Cutter, Sen. T. Story, Sen. R. Zenzinger
SB20-002 Rural Economic Development Initiative Grant Program Sen. K. Donovan, Sen. D. Coram, Rep. B. McLachlan, Rep. B. Buentello
SB20-033 Allow Medicaid Buy-in Program After Age 65 Sen. J. Tate, Sen. R. Fields, Rep. S. Lontine
SB20-035 Kiosk Program Provider Vehicle And Identity Services Sen. R. Scott, Sen. J. Ginal, Rep. M. Gray, Rep. T. Carver
SB20-118 Hazardous Materials Transportation Permit Issuance Sen. D. Hisey, Rep. M. Gray, Rep. D. Valdez