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h_fin_2017a_2017-01-25t09:53:09z0 Hearing Summary

Date: 01/25/2017

Location: LSB A


Introduction to Fiscal Analysts and Bill Drafters


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09:53 AM -- Introduction to Fiscal Analysts and Bill Drafters

The committee was called to order. A quorum was present. Mr. Larson Silbaugh, Legislative Council Staff, and Ms. Esther van Mourik, Office of Legislative Legal Services, introduced themselves and others from their offices who will write the fiscal notes and bills that appear most often before the committee. Mr. Silbaugh discussed the fiscal note process and the information included in prepared fiscal notes. Ms. Natalie Mullis, Legislative Council Staff, came to the table to address questions about dynamic modeling. Ms. Mullis also addressed questions about the quality of department responses to requests for fiscal information and about potential consequences associated with inaccurate fiscal notes. She explained that fiscal notes are used as a budgeting tool.

10:06 AM

Discussion continued on earlier questions raised by the committee. Ms. van Mourik discussed the role that drafters play in drafting bills and amendments and the support they can provide during committee hearings.