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Date Mar 13, 2023      
Location HCR 0107

Presentation from State Veterinarian - Committee Discussion Only

02:13:34 PM  
Dr. Maggie Baldwin,
Colorado State Veterinarian with the Department of Agriculture (CDA), introduced
her team and her presentation (Attachment B).  She gave an overview
of the Colorado poultry industry and Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza
02:17:10 PM  
Dr. Baldwin discussed
the impacts of HPAI, how to protect domestic flocks, and how to detect
infection. She spoke about how Colorado has been affected by the disease,
which includes the loss of about 6 million chickens.
02:22:06 PM  
Dr. Baldwin told the committee about the widespread outbreak and the impacts on wild animals. She showed a map that displayed the different counties that have been affected by the infection.
02:23:58 PM  
Dr. Baldwin discussed
the HPAI response and how CDA is partnering with Colorado Parks and Wildlife
and Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment, as well as federal
and local agencies, to contain and monitor the outbreak.
02:25:57 PM  
Dr. Baldwin spoke about upcoming challenges, including spring bird migration and continuing mitigation efforts. She told the committee about messaging around HPAI, including communicating that properly prepared poultry is safe to eat, the general public is not at risk, individuals should not touch dead or sick birds, and the state is working to eliminate the virus.
02:31:22 PM  
Dr. Baldwin discussed her team's response to the outbreak.
02:33:14 PM  
Dr. Baldwin responded
to questions from the committee regarding, response time, safety of poultry
products, ecosystem impacts, testing, impacts on endangered species, reinfections
in certain communities, facility biosecurity, flock specific protections,
potential vaccination protocols, and facility management.

Dr. Morgan McCarty, Assistant State Veterinarian, answered questions from
the committee.
02:55:31 PM  
Dr. Baldwin continued to respond to questions.

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