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Budget Overview

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The table below lists documents presented to the Joint Budget Committee (JBC) during public meetings in order to assist that committee in preparing its annual budget recommendations for the General Assembly.

The General Assembly also receives budget-related recommendations from sources other than the JBC. Follow the links for documents related to:

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E.g., 06/01/2020
E.g., 06/01/2020
Department/Topic Type Document Name Date Downloads
Treasury Figure Setting FY 2020-21 Figure Setting Comeback for Treasury 02/21/2020 tre_comeback-02-13-20.pdf
Figure Setting Consideration of Recommendations for JBC FY 2020-21 Operating Budget 02/21/2020 jbc_budget-02-21-20.pdf
Local Affairs Figure Setting FY 2020-21 Local Affairs Figure Setting 02/21/2020 fy2020-21_locfig.pdf
Revenue Figure Setting FY 2020-21 Revenue (Executive Director’s Office/ Taxation Business Group) Figure Setting 02/21/2020 fy2020-21_revfig1.pdf
Human Services Figure Setting FY 2020-21 Human Services (Executive Director's Office/ Child Welfare/ Youth Services) Figure Setting 02/20/2020 fy2020-21_humfig1.pdf
Corrections Figure Setting FY 2020-21 Corrections Figure Setting 02/19/2020 fy2020-21_corfig.pdf
Potential Legislation Consideration of Potential JBC Legislation 02/19/2020 potential_leg_02-18-20.pdf
Public Safety Figure Setting FY 2020-21 Public Safety Figure Setting 02/18/2020 fy2020-21_pubsaffig.pdf
Labor and Employment Figure Setting FY 2020-21 Labor & Employment Figure Setting 02/18/2020 fy2020-21_labfig.pdf
Governor/Lt. Governor/OSPB Figure Setting FY 2020-21 Governor Figure Setting 02/18/2020 fy2020-21_govfig.pdf