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Budget Documents

E.g., 04/05/2020
E.g., 04/05/2020
Department/Topic Type Document Name Date Downloads
Common Policies Figure Setting FY 2020-21 Operating Common Policies Figure Setting 02/28/2020 fy2020-21_comfig3.pdf
Capital Construction Figure Setting FY 2020-21 Capital Construction Figure Setting 02/28/2020 fy2020-21_capfig.pdf
Public Health and Environment Figure Setting FY 2020-21 Public Health & Environment (Health Equity/Plan., Partnerships, and Improve. (A&S)/Ctr. for Health & Env. Info./Disease Ctrl. & Env. Epidemiology/Preven. Serv. Div./Health Facilities & Emerg. Med. Serv;/Emerg. Prep. & Response) Figure Setting 02/25/2020 fy2020-21_pubheafig2.pdf
Public Health and Environment Figure Setting FY 2020-21 Public Health & Environment (Administration & Support (A&S)/ Laboratory Services/ Air Pollution and Control/ Water Quality Control/ Hazardous Materials and Waste Management/ Environmental Health & Sustainability) Figure Setting 02/25/2020 fy2020-21_pubheafig1.pdf
Treasury Figure Setting FY 2020-21 Figure Setting Comeback for Treasury 02/21/2020 tre_comeback-02-13-20.pdf
Figure Setting Consideration of Recommendations for JBC FY 2020-21 Operating Budget 02/21/2020 jbc_budget-02-21-20.pdf
Local Affairs Figure Setting FY 2020-21 Local Affairs Figure Setting 02/21/2020 fy2020-21_locfig.pdf
Revenue Figure Setting FY 2020-21 Revenue (Executive Director’s Office/ Taxation Business Group) Figure Setting 02/21/2020 fy2020-21_revfig1.pdf
Human Services Figure Setting FY 2020-21 Human Services (Executive Director's Office/ Child Welfare/ Youth Services) Figure Setting 02/20/2020 fy2020-21_humfig1.pdf
Corrections Figure Setting FY 2020-21 Corrections Figure Setting 02/19/2020 fy2020-21_corfig.pdf


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