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Budget Documents

E.g., 09/26/2020
E.g., 09/26/2020
Department/Topic Type Document Name Date Downloads
Health Care Policy and Financing Potential Legislation Child & Youth Behavioral Health Sys Prog 05/18/2020 lls_20-1199_hcpf-05-18-20.pdf
Local Affairs Potential Legislation Delay Prison Bed Need Study Until FY 2021-22 05/18/2020 lls_20-1204_loc-05-18-20.pdf
Public Health and Environment Potential Legislation Use Of Tobacco Revenues Under Fiscal Emergency 05/18/2020 lls_20-1186_02_pubhea-05-18-20.pdf
Other Referendum C Recommendation for FY 2020-21 Long Bill 05/18/2020 refc-05-18-20.pdf
General Fund Overview General Fund Overview as of May 2020 Based on: JBC Action Through May 15 05/18/2020 gfo-05-18-20.pdf
Public Health and Environment Potential Legislation Expand Use Of Tobacco Tax Revenue Grant Money 05/18/2020 lls_20-1258_01_pubhea-05-18-20.pdf
Human Services Other Department of Human Services, Budget Balancing Comebacks 05/18/2020 hum_cb-05-18-20.pdf
Transportation Potential Legislation Concerning the modification of existing transportation funding mechanism 05/15/2020 lls_20-1253_01_tra_sa.pdf
Common Policies Other Addendum 2 - Statewide Compensation JBC Staff Balancing Document 05/15/2020 comp_addend-05-15-20.pdf
Common Policies Other PERA Follow-Up Materials to JBC Staff Budget Balancing Recommendations and Options Concerning PERA_FY2020-21 05/15/2020 pera-05-15-20.pdf