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Budget Documents

E.g., 09/28/2020
E.g., 09/28/2020
Department/Topic Type Document Name Date Downloads
General Fund Overview General Fund Overview as of May 2020 Based on: JBC Action Through May 18 05/19/2020 gfo-05-19-20.pdf
Education (K-12) Other Additional School Finance Balancing Options (Outside of the Long Bill) 05/19/2020 edu-05-18-20_2.pdf
Education (K-12) Other Revised Long Bill Recommendations for School Finance (OSPB Forecast) 05/18/2020 edu-05-18-20.pdf
Health Care Policy and Financing Potential Legislation Reduce The Adult Dental Benefit 05/18/2020 lls_20-1200_hcpf-05-18-20.pdf
Health Care Policy and Financing Potential Legislation Limit Increase To Medicaid Nursing Facility Rates 05/18/2020 lls_20-1197-05-18-20.pdf
Potential Legislation Extend Overexpenditures & Approp Transfers 05/18/2020 lls_20-1252_statewide-05-18-20.pdf
Education (K-12) Potential Legislation Delay Local School Food Purchasing Program 05/18/2020 lls_20-1259_edu-05-18-20.pdf
Public Safety Other Additional JBC Staff Balancing Recommendations-Department of Public Safety 05/18/2020 pubsaf-05-18-20.pdf
Judicial Potential Legislation Budget balancing recommendations for the Judicial Department 05/18/2020 jud-05-18-20.pdf
Human Services Potential Legislation Behavioral Health Programs Appropriations 05/18/2020 lls_20-1229_hum-05-18-20.pdf