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Budget Documents

E.g., 06/27/2020
E.g., 06/27/2020
Department/Topic Type Document Name Date Downloads
Higher Education Figure Setting FY 2020-21 Higher Education Figure Setting 03/10/2020 fy2020-21_hedfig.pdf
Capital Construction Figure Setting FY 2020-21 Capital Construction Information Technology Projects Figure Setting 03/10/2020 fy2020-21_capitfig.pdf
Common Policies Figure Setting FY 2020-21 Compensation Requests from Individual Agencies Figure Setting 03/09/2020 fy2020-21_comfig1b.pdf
Human Services Figure Setting FY 2020-21 Human Services (Information Technology Services/ County Administration/ Early Childhood/ Self Sufficiency/ Adult Assistance Programs (includes Old Age Pension Program)) Figure Setting 03/09/2020 fy2020-21_humfig2.pdf
Revenue Figure Setting FY 2020-21 Revenue (Information Technology Division/ Division of Motor Vehicles/ Enforcement Business Group/ State Lottery Division) Figure Setting 03/06/2020 fy2020-21_revfig2.pdf
Personnel Figure Setting FY 2020-21 Personnel Figure Setting 03/06/2020 fy2020-21_perfig.pdf
Natural Resources Figure Setting FY 2020-21 Natural Resources (Executive Director's Office/ Division of Parks & Wildlife/ Water Conservation Board/ Water Resources Division) Figure Setting 03/06/2020 fy2020-21_natfig1.pdf
Common Policies Figure Setting FY 2020-21 Information Technology Common Policies Figure Setting 03/06/2020 fy2020-21_comfig4.pdf
Health Care Policy and Financing Figure Setting FY 2020-21 Health Care Policy and Financing (Executive Director’s Office/ Medical Services Premiums/ Indigent Care Program/ Other Medical Services) Figure Setting 03/05/2020 fy2020-21_hcpfig1.pdf
Local Affairs Figure Setting Local Affairs Housing Appropriations Related to Passage of H.B. 20-1262 03/04/2020 loc_comeback-03-04-20.pdf