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Budget Documents

E.g., 10/31/2020
E.g., 10/31/2020
Department/Topic Type Document Name Date Downloads
Other TABOR Reserve and Reserve Requirement 05/21/2020 tabor-05-21-20.pdf
Potential Legislation Reduce The General Fund Reserve 05/21/2020 20-1101_02_reserve-05-21-20.pdf
Judicial Potential Legislation PERA Judicial Div Contribution Rate Modification 05/21/2020 20-1280_01_jud-05-21-20.pdf
Transportation Potential Legislation Modify Transportation Funding Mechanisms 05/21/2020 20-1253_03_tra-05-21-20.pdf
General Fund Overview General Fund Overview as of May 2020 Based on: JBC Action Through May 20 05/21/2020 gfo-05-21-20.pdf
Higher Education Potential Legislation Transfer College Kickstarter Money To Gen Fund 05/21/2020 20-1210_03_college_kickstarter.pdf
Capital Construction Potential Legislation Concerning Modifications To The Automatic Cash Fund Funding Mechanism For Payment Of Future Costs Attributable To The State's Capital Assets, And, In Connection Therewith, Making An Appropriation 05/21/2020 20-1182.01_cap-05-21-20.pdf
Capital Construction Potential Legislation Concerning capital-related transfers of money 05/21/2020 20-1183.01_cap-05-21-20.pdf
Health Care Policy and Financing Potential Legislation Repeal Report On Increase Rate For Direct Support 05/21/2020 lls_20-1282_01_idd-05-21-20.pdf
Memos Finalized FY 2020-21 Long Bill Footnotes for Committee Review 05/21/2020 footnotes-05-21-20.pdf