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Budget Documents

E.g., 08/06/2020
E.g., 08/06/2020
Department/Topic Type Document Name Date Downloads
Informational Meetings Presentation from PERA in Response to JBC Staff Budget Balancing Recommendations and Options Concerning PERA 05/11/2020 pera-05-11-20.pdf
Human Services Potential Legislation Discontinue Div Youth Services Trauma Pilot Prog 05/11/2020 lls_20-1226_dys-05-11-20.pdf
Treasury Other Consideration of Comebacks from Treasury 05/11/2020 tre-05-11-20.pdf
Law Other Consideration of Comebacks from Law 05/11/2020 law-05-11-20.pdf
Education (K-12) Potential Legislation Eliminate The Advanced Placement Incentives Prog 05/08/2020 lls_20-1221_edu_-05-08-20.pdf
Higher Education Other Draft Letter to OSPB Regarding Higher Education Budget Balancing 05/08/2020 ospb_hed_draft-05-08-20.pdf.pdf
Human Services Other DHS Budget Balancing – R14 Joint Agency Interoperability Comeback and Balancing Recommendation Revision 05/08/2020 hum_jai-05-09-20.pdf
Human Services Other DHS Budget Balancing – Correction to Incredible Years Program Refinance 05/08/2020 hum_iyp-05-09-20.pdf
Local Affairs Potential Legislation Delay Substance Use & Mental Hlth Servs Grant Prog 05/08/2020 lls_20-1203_loc-05-08-20.pdf
Education (K-12) Potential Legislation High-cost Special Education Trust Fund 05/08/2020 lls_20-1223_02_edu_05-08-20.pdf