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Budget Documents

E.g., 08/06/2020
E.g., 08/06/2020
Department/Topic Type Document Name Date Downloads
Other OSPB Report on COVID-19 Federal Funds June 12, 2020 06/19/2020 ospb_covid-06-19-20.pdf
Other OSPB June 2020 Revenue Forecast 06/19/2020 ospb-06-19-20.pdf
Memos Technical Corrections to the Long Bill 06/11/2020 technical-06-11-20.pdf
Memos Status of Budget Package Bills 06/11/2020 status-06-11-20.pdf
Memos Finalized FY 2020-21 Requests for Information Committee Review 06/11/2020 rfi-06-11-20.pdf
Memos Draft Letter to Controller Summarizing Committee Action on Cash Fund Waivers 06/11/2020 cf-06-11-20.pdf
Memos Descriptions of House Amendments to Budget Package Bills 06/11/2020 amendments-06-11-20.pdf
General Fund Overview General Fund Overview as of May 2020 Based on: JBC Action Through May 22 05/22/2020 gfo-05-22-20.pdf
Corrections, Judicial Other Comebacks for DOC and Judicial 05/22/2020 doc_jud-05-22-20.pdf
Marijuana Potential Legislation Marijuana Tax Cash Fund Spending & Transfer 05/22/2020 lls_20-1287_mtcf-05-22-20.pdf