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Limit Fee Install Active Solar Energy System

Concerning modifications to the limitation on the aggregate amount of fees that may be assessed by governmental bodies for the installation of active solar energy systems, and, in connection therewith, extending the repeal date of the limitation.
2021 Regular Session
Bill Summary

Current law imposes a limitation on the permit, application review, or any other related or associated fees that may be assessed by counties, municipalities, state agencies, and political subdivisions of the state for the installation of an active solar electric or solar thermal device or system. The act modifies this language so that the limitation applies to the aggregate of all charges or other related or associated fees the state, a county, municipality, state agency, or any other political subdivision of the state (governmental bodies) imposes or assesses for the installation of an active solar energy system.

The act sets a limit on the aggregate of all charges or other related or associated fees any governmental body may impose or assess to install an active solar energy system of $500 for a residential permit and $1,000 for a commercial permit. In the case of a nonresidential application, on an individual installation basis only, if the governmental body incurs actual costs for issuing the permit that are greater than $1,000, the governmental body is entitled to recovery of its actual costs for issuing the permit by submitting in writing and disclosing to the applicant for the particular permit proof of the governmental body's actual costs.

In connection with existing statutory requirements affecting state agencies and political subdivisions, the act clarifies that the duty to clearly and individually identify all fees and taxes assessed on an application on the invoice lies with the state or any agency, institution, authority, or political subdivision of the state.

Under existing law, one component of determining the lawful fee for issuing a permit or reviewing an application requires a comparison of the lesser of the actual costs of providing such services or $500 for a residential application. The act restricts a governmental body from increasing its fees or other charges by more than 5% on an annual basis until the $500 limitation is achieved.

The act also extends the repeal date of the fee limitation from July 1, 2025, to December 31, 2029.

(Note: This summary applies to this bill as enacted.)


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    06/24/2021 Signed Act PDF
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