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The State Auditor is a constitutionally established position within Colorado's Legislative Branch. The General Assembly appoints the State Auditor, without regard to political affiliation, to serve a 5-year term. The State Auditor must be a Certified Public Accountant licensed to practice in Colorado.

Section 2-3-103, C.R.S., grants the State Auditor broad authority to conduct performance, financial, and IT audits of all state departments and agencies, public colleges and universities, the Judicial Branch, most special purpose authorities, any state entity designated as an enterprise, and other political subdivisions as required by law. The State Auditor also has responsibility for conducting tax expenditure evaluations, ensuring local governments' compliance with the Local Government Audit Law, and operating a statewide fraud reporting hotline.

The State Auditor oversees the Office of the State Auditor (OSA), which comprises approximately 80 nonpartisan staff who perform audits, evaluations, and other activities in support of the State Auditor's constitutional and statutory responsibilities. Collectively, the OSA's auditors possess more than 509 years of auditing experience. The OSA's auditors are highly educated, with 56 percent holding graduate degrees. Additionally, 36 percent of the OSA's auditors hold a professional license or certification, including:

  • Certified Public Accountant
  • Certified Fraud Examiner
  • Certified Government Auditing Professional
  • Certified Government Finance Officer
  • Certified Information Systems Auditor
  • Certified Information Security Manager
  • Certified Internal Auditor
  • Colorado Bar Association (Licensed Attorney)
    OSA Employee Directory

    Updated 1/13/2023

    Employee Name Employee Title Email Phone
    Adamo, Michael Legislative Financial Auditor 303.869.2800
    Atchley, Jenny Legislative Performance Audit Manager 303.869.2835
    Barrios-Luna, Giselle Legislative Financial Auditor 303.869.2800
    Berry, Dana Legislative Performance Auditor-Independent Contributor 303.869.2874
    Bowers, Monica Legislative Performance Auditor-Independent Contributor 303.869.2802
    Bumatay, Hannezel Legislative IT Auditor 303.869.2800
    Burrows, Denise Chief Financial Officer 303.869.2885
    Colin, Michelle Deputy State Auditor, Performance Audits 303.869.2823
    Combellick, Jacquelyn Legislative Tax Expenditure Evaluation Supervisor 303.869.2819
    Donohoue, Steve Legislative Financial Auditor-Independent Contributor 303.869.3007
    Dorsey, Crystal Legislative Financial Audit Manager 303.869.3002
    Edwards, Marisa Deputy State Auditor, Financial Audits 303.869.2803
    Faulkner, Gina Legislative Financial Audit Supervisor 303.869.3003
    Ferguson, Rhiannon Legislative Financial Audit Supervisor 303.869.2809
    Forbes, Elizabeth Legislative Financial Auditor 303.869.2822
    Frant, Nina Director of Quality Assurance, Performance Audits 303.869.2842
    Friday, Catherine Legislative Performance Auditor-Independent Contributor 303.869.2851
    Fugate, Greg Director of Communications & Quality Assurance 303.869.2839
    Gad Fournier, Gretchen Graphic Design/Desktop Publishing Specialist 303.869.2833
    Gomez, Samuel Senior Legislative Performance Auditor 303.869.2820
    Gonzalez, Christian Accountant II 303.869.2812
    Granger, Kaitlyn Legislative Tax Expenditure Analyst Intern 303.869.2800
    Greenidge, Samuel Legislative Performance Auditor 303.869.2878
    Gruetzner, Frederick Legislative IT Auditor 303.869.2800
    Hastings, Zac IT Professional II 303.869.2862
    Hebert, Ferminia Legislative Financial Audit Manager 303.869.2848
    Johnson, Dee Human Resources Technician IV 303.869.2808
    Johnson, Derek Legislative Performance Audit Manager 303.869.2847
    Kordas, Adrien Legislative Performance Auditor-Independent Contributor 303.869.2829
    Kuru, Guney Legislative Performance Auditor 303.869.2867
    Lane, Vicky Human Resources Manager 303.869.2805
    Lenzi, Amora Legislative Tax Expenditure Analyst 303.869.2818
    Lima, Rosen Legislative Financial Auditor 303.869.2855
    LoCicero, Dante Senior Legislative Performance Auditor 303.869.2889
    Marsh, Hudson Legislative Performance Auditor 303.869.2883
    McClain, Chris Legislative Financial Auditor-Independent Contributor 303.869.2849
    McLean, Anna Legislative Performance Auditor 303.869.3005
    Negassa, Selome Legislative Financial Audit Manager 303.869.2834
    Obremski, Lynn Legislative Financial Auditor-Independent Contributor 303.869.2882
    Olaya, Christian Senior Legislative Performance Auditor 303.869.2837
    Ortega, Alexis Legislative Financial Auditor 303.869.2800
    Page, Jenny Director of Strategic Operations 303.869.2844
    Palumbo, Isabella Legislative Financial Auditor 303.869.2816
    Peterson, Dakota Legislative Tax Expenditure Analyst-Independent Contributor 303.869.2800
    Power, Monica Legislative Financial Audit Manager 303.869.2888
    Radke, Cindi Legislative IT Audit Manager 303.869.2832
    Reid, Scott Legislative Financial Audit Supervisor 303.869.3006
    Richards, Keira Legislative Performance Auditor 303.869.2873
    Robertson, Zachary Legislative Performance Auditor 303.869.2853
    Rodriguez, Isaiah Senior Legislative Financial Auditor 303.869.2828
    Rosochacova, Maya Legislative Financial Audit Manager 303.869.2858
    Russell, Laura Legislative Performance Audit Supervisor 303.869.2821
    Ryan, Cariann Legislative Performance Audit Supervisor 303.869.2817
    Schuster, Stewart Legislative Financial Auditor 303.869.2800
    Shiroff, Kate Legislative Performance Audit Manager 303.869.2838
    Skeates, Xiuqing Legislative Financial Audit Supervisor 303.869.2831
    Smith, Justin Program Assistant II 303.869.3001
    Standley, Trey Legislative Performance Audit Manager 303.869.2850
    Staples, Riley Legislative Performance Auditor 303.869.2836
    Tanner, Sierra Legislative Performance Auditor 303.869.2870
    Taurman, James Legislative Tax Expenditure Evaluation Manager 303.869.2868
    Tinnell, Kim Legislative Tax Expenditure Evaluation Supervisor 303.869.2854
    Triola, Annalisa Legislative Performance Auditor-Independent Contributor 303.869.2800
    Tulsian, Pooja Director of Quality Assurance, Financial Audits 303.869.2857
    Vega, Marina Senior Legislative Financial Auditor 303.869.2813
    Velazquez, Brayan Senior Legislative Financial Auditor 303.869.2806
    Wagner, Heidi Legislative Performance Audit Supervisor 303.869.2843
    Watson, Jayne Executive Assistant to the State Auditor 303.869.2804
    Webster, Emma Legislative Financial Auditor-Independent Contributor 303.869.3008
    Welborn, Lily Senior Legislative Performance Auditor 303.869.2811
    Westmoreland, Meghan Legislative Tax Expenditure Evaluation Supervisor 303.869.2826
    Winzeler, Stefanie Legislative Performance Audit Supervisor 303.869.2871
    Yoder, Meredith Accounting Data Entry Technician 303.869.2800

    Note: All inquiries for Kerri Hunter, State Auditor, should be directed to Jayne Watson, Executive Assistant ( or 303.869.2804).


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